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What song from Hold Your Fire


What song from Hold Your Fire Should they bring back on the CA tour?  

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  1. 1. What song from Hold Your Fire Should they bring back on the CA tour?

    • Force Ten
    • Time Stand Still
    • Open Secrets
    • Second Nature
    • Prime Mover
    • Lock and Key
    • Mission
    • Turn the Page
    • Tai Shan
    • High Water

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Never cared for Prime Mover or Open Secrets. But HYF is my least favorite record after the pre-2112 period, so maybe I too biased.


I like it when they play a song never played before. So I'll go with Second Nature. Geddy said they considered playing an acoustic version on the Vapor Trails tour instead of Resist.

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I'm going through all of these threads in case you can't tell. tongue.gif


I have to go with Force Ten because it's my favourite Rush song. There. I said it.


But if Turn the Page was played live again I would never stop ejaculating.


Can you imagine if they tour with an orchestra and a choir? Can you imagine the opening to Force Ten with a full choir!


I can see it now. The arena lights dim and then go pitch black. The 3 blind mice theme plays. At this point the crowd is ecstatic. Just as the tune finishes, spotlights shine onto an elevated stage behind the band. A choir stands there dressed in full red like the Spanish Inquisition. They begin to sing, faces caught in the spotlight, their voices amplified to cut through the audience, making your body shake as you freak out. At this point this is no more a rock concert than a church sermon to the all mighty Rush.


Suddenly a new spotlight appears in the far left hand side of the stage! Up high just below the scaffolding is the sillouette of a man. The audience is fixated on him to see what he's doing. Out of nowhere he raises a Jackhammer to the light and proceeds to play the synthetic drum part with it. (the jackhammer is mic'd) A piece of concrete, granite etc. is provided of course. Just as the audience is being blown away, Geddy appears from the floor of the stage via elevator. The sound of a wal bass makes the building quake as he plays the bassline we all know. (dum da dum-dum da dum) At this point the crowd is weeping from hysteria. Just as things can't get better, Alex comes in displaying the raw gritty sound found on CA. The opening continues an extra 30 seconds to give the audience a chance to catch their breath.


After this grace period Geddy comes. "TOUGH TIIIIiiiIIIIiiiiIIIMES!!!"

His voice will only break 4 times in the process.


A mass panic takes hold of the crowd and a riot soon emerges as the audience can't hold their applause. Hundreds are trampled to death and the tour is cancelled.


(Scratch that last part, but the rest sounded pretty cool, right?) wink.gif

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QUOTE (losingit2k @ May 18 2012, 05:26 PM)
I went with Lock and Key since it's the only one they haven't recorded Live. Yes its on The Laser Disk, but who really has that?


The only one they haven't recorded live? I am confused. I have live versions of Force Ten, Time Stand Still, Prime Mover, Lock and Key, Turn the Page, and Mission....To me that seems like more than half the album.


That being said I went with Open Secrets because it is an amazing song, has never been played live, and there is no live recording.

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Prime Mover is my vote ...... If the concert becomes a concept concert like Clockwork Angels is a concept album, then Prime Mover must be played (and it will be played very early, either 2nd or 3rd song in).


Google Clockwork Universe and read the wikipedia explanation of it, note the time machine similarities on the right. You only have to read up to the part where it explains the Prime Mover, then read the lyrics of Prime Mover.


BTW - My first post on this forum. Glad to be aboard

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My vote is "Prime Mover" and have feeling that They gonna go with that great song. Wouldn't mind to hear "Lock and Key" "Turn the Page" or Force 10" off course smile.gif
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I get the feeling Prime Mover will be our surprise on this tour. Like Marathon was on the TM tour, or Mission on S&A.


I get the feeling Neil's going to want to tie in the whole CwA theme with other music, as someone above posted. Prime Mover seems logical.

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QUOTE (Flying Finn @ May 18 2012, 05:35 PM)
Mission is my favourite and one the greatest Rush songs imo.

Well they just played it in the S&A Tour so I don't mind them playing Prime Mover either. That's very cool tune too.



mostus excellentus




tear inducing


soaring guitars

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QUOTE (Mr. Henry Gale @ Jun 7 2012, 02:46 AM)
Prime Mover, easily. It's actually one of my all time favorite Rush songs. That bass is incredible, and it's one of the catchiest songs Rush has ever written.

It's perfect.

goodpost.gif trink39.gif

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