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How much $$$$$$

Gedneil Alpeart

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Blank CD's to burn the rest of the discography - $20


For now. It's what I gotta do. Who cares? I plan on collecting every album over the course of my life.



If you plan on buying later i see no problems. I didn't buy the first two tracks off Clockwork Angels.... But the album will be purchased day of release.

If you are holding out for the LP you better get a move on it. Chances are those are limited so you better order that now, unless you are talking the CD. I ordered mine a week ago. I have the 2 track LP and it's still sealed here.


So altogether including rare stuff I got maybe 9 grand wrapped up. Not bad considering I got over 17 grand wrapped up in computers and that includes software

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I saw them 6 times in the 80's - tickets plus 4 programs plus t-shirts plus travel is maybe $220 (yeah, it was the 80's)


Saw them once in 2007 with the wife - tickets and travel, etc. (skipped programs/t-shirts) - maybe $175


I've bought maybe 25 CD's, 20 cassettes, a handful of albums and singles - maybe $650


Bought several posters over the years - maybe $80


Bought a handful of Rush-related magazines - maybe $25


A couple other t-shirts, stickers, pins and other miscellaneous items - maybe $50


That totals a rough estimate of around $1,200 - I guess that's not bad considering I've been a fan for 31 years. I rarely go to concerts ever anymore, so that's brought expenses way down.

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Actually quite little. unsure.gif


(Of course I am a very young fan... laugh.gif)


Parents owned 2112, MP... have not bought HYF, RTB, S&A, Different Stages, Rush in Rio, Feedback, or R30 yet so 17 albums.


Average $10 an album... $170.


Two posters - $30.


Tickets in 2010, 2011 - $150 total.


CA Fan Pack - $30.


So $380 total? smile.gif

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Way mor than my wife wants me to. MY office is kindof a shrine always adding something. Tics, posters, lp's cd's the list goes on and on. I do not think I could really come up with a dollar amount.
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Since 1980? I wouldn't be vaguely interested in figuring that out.





Edit: Not being snarky. I just don't care. It was only money and worth every penny.

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