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2012 - 11/19 - Los Angeles, CA

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My wife and I will be there. We usually hang out for dinner and drinks at Hard Rock as they usually have have Rush crankin' in the restaurant. http://www.therushforum.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Still deciding on hotel and dinner though as Musso and Frank is soooooo good for dinner and a 5 minute train ride from Universal as well as a Hollywood institution.



10 days to go!!!! My group of four will stop by the Hard Rock Cafe for some pre concert liquid prep. Still deciding on a dinner spot somewhere in City Walk, as we have rooms at the Sheraton.


Can't wait! Staying at the Hilton.


we usual go to Charles Strauss in Citiwalk for beer and food before the show.


Well I don't usually care Karl Struass, but maybe I'll give this Charles guy a shot. :D


haha no idea why I wrote Charles :P

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