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2012 - 10/28 - Cleveland, OH

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QUOTE (vprtrls @ Oct 26 2012, 11:05 AM)
woo hoo, happy to help you out Scheming Demon http://www.therushforum.com/html/emoticons/common001.gif

Heading out early to Cleveland tomorrow to check out Distant Signals Saturday night!

Anybody need a ticket to the Browns game before the concert? Got an extra endzone seat as far away from the field as possible.

The weather looks shaky, but inside the "Q" will be perfect...the anniversary return show of last year's DVD. Me thinks this tour is much better. http://www.therushforum.com/html/emoticons/2.gif

Awesome. See you tomorrow night at the Distant Signals show

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QUOTE (RUSH-2112 @ Oct 25 2012, 11:38 AM)
QUOTE (tripdad @ Oct 25 2012, 10:03 AM)
I don't recall seeing at recent pre-show meetup discussions.  Anyone have any plans?  I would suggest Harry Buffalos.  It is right across the street.  Winking Lizard is an option as well.  The Browns are in town, but parking near The Q should still be decent. 

Anyone other suggestions?


There will be about 15-20 of us that will be at the Distant Signals event on Saturday night. All staying at the same hotel. All will probably be getting together for Sunday festivities. No plans yet, but I am sure the crowd will be in full discussion on Saturday night while they get entertained with over 3 hours of Rush music.


Be cool or be cast out http://www.therushforum.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif

Keep us updated on Facebook on where the meetup is going to be on Sunday, as I have no plans yet. But I certainly would like to get a drink beforehand and hang out with some Rush fans, since I missed the meetups in Detroit and Columbus http://www.therushforum.com/html/emoticons/trink39.gif

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