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2 hours ago, Mr. Not said:


okay this song I like, definitely the wordless vocal part (as it immediately reminded me of Esperanza Spalding who does something similar in Ebony and Ivy and I dig it) but good lord who produced the drum mix?


[checks] okay it was Bob Drake and the lead songwriter for the group


^ fellas, stay away from the faders when it comes to drums - you do not know how


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9 minutes ago, ghostworks said:

checked out some of their other stuff


not a fan of the male vocals at all yet


love the female vocals though (see Knifeworld - Severed Of Horsehoof)


Kavus's voice never bothered me but i can see why it might not be the best. I think I might like Knifeworld better than Cardiacs, Kavus took his influence from Cardiacs and took it into a very psychedelic direction rather than a "circusy" one.. But IDK, Cardiacs is probably better.


I also like their first album the most.

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