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First Time Seeing RUSH


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That's awesome the whole family went. I hope they liked it too. My wife hates RUSH....well, certainly doesn't like them. But, the only show I took her to truly was a bad show (8-4-07 outside Sacramento, CA). It was way too hot, dirt parking lot, sounded horrible, white trash tweekers throwing up everywhere, etc. Now, if she had gone to Red Rocks with me last year, that surely would have won her over. Best (outdoor) venue in North America, sounded exquisite, and really nice people. I'm looking forward to the DVD.
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This past tour were my 4th and 5th shows. I saw them in 1981 and 1984 then had a gap until last August.


My daughter's first show was the Vancouver one. It was great to experience them through her. Then, we took her girlfriend to the Gorge (both in steampunk gear) and got to do it again. She was a total newbie (hadn't even been bombarded with Rush in the car like my daughter had laugh.gif ) and she was blown away! During the drum solo -- the drum kit she had seen and loved beforehand -- when the kit spun around, she shouted, "OMFG (with the words)" It was fun to see her reaction as the same one I had last summer.


I will never miss a Rush show again. Ever. 2.gif

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