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02 - Best Song From Fly By Night



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  1. 1. Best Song From Fly By Night

    • Anthem
    • Best I Can
    • Beneath, Between and Behind
    • By-Tor and the Snowdog
    • Fly By Night
    • Making Memories
    • Rivendell
    • In The End

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This is a really good and, IMO, very underrated album. So many really good songs. Anthem, Beneath, Between & Behind, By-tor and the Snow Dog, Fly By Night and Rivendell are all really good (at least) and the others are at least ok.


Went with By-tor. If B-tor was not there then I probably would have gone with Beneath, Between and Behind over Fly By Night. After that, Anthem then Rivendell.

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QUOTE (CygnusX-1Bk2 @ Aug 24 2004, 06:11 PM)
Anthem because it is the first song that they collaborated on with Neil (at his audition) and because of the lyrical content. It was the first of many about individualism. This song meant a lot to me when I first heard it and still does today.

"Live for yourself
There's no one else more worth living for..."

"I know they've always told you selfishness was wrong
But it was for me, not you, that I came to write this song..."

It's no wonder all of my ex-girlfriends call me self-absorbed.

I love the music of this song, but I'm not a big fan of the lyrics. I personally believe that we have been put on earth together to live together and make each others' lives better and more enjoyable. In other words, ironically, perhaps the most selfish way to live is to be unselfish.

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QUOTE (losingit2k @ Feb 28 2012, 04:18 PM)
Once again, You can't compete with By Tor & the Snowdog. This is IMHO the first song that Rush did that you could identify as Prog -Metal! This is Rush at their best!

2.gif 1022.gif 2.gif

I love By-Tor, but I voted Making Memories. I've always loved that song and I'm unpleasantly surprised to see that it has received virtually no love in the voting. I wonder how many voters would say it was second or third on their list?

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By-Tor. Their first "story" song.
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QUOTE (madra sneachta @ Aug 26 2004, 09:36 PM)
Yesterday, it was BB&B, tomorrow it'll be BB&B again, but today it's ANTHEM!!!!!

Well, it's BB&B for me today, and it is every day! A fine improvement on the first album, with my other favourite tracks being "Anthem", "By-Tor And The Snow Dog" and the horribly unfairly treated "Rivendell".

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By-Tor and the Snowdog. Because its their first of the long, conceptual songs



Damn, those teenage Rush fans sure have their act together!


TOTALLY AGREE - That was the start of it all...

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