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I'm having brain surgery!!!


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Another successful seizure-free weekend! It's sure is nicer to be able to count seizure-free periods by a few days at a time as opposed to having a seizure-free day and feel I've accomplished something! I'm still taking Depakote and Keppra every day as I was before and hope to be tapering off of meds soon. I'm off of Dilantin completly and was ordered by my Dr to throw away any I might have laying around just in case I forget and take some just out of habit. He knows I'm good about making sure I take my meds as prescribed so there's never the excuse that I forgot to take them and that was the reason I had a seizure. I take them twice a day, I just use 10:00 as my med time, if it's 10:00, AM or PM, it's med time. My memory is bad because of Epilepsy but I never forget to take my meds. To me, it's something simple-stupid. If these meds are supposed to keep me from having seizures, you can be damn sure I take them like clockwork. What I'm really looking forward to is getting off of disability and getting out and find a job. Without getting into the politics of it, (wrong forum) right now is a horrible time to be looking for a job but if I can use my "disability" as an advantage to get one, I'm damn sure going to use it after the living hell Epilepsy has put my Family and I through.
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No seizures today! I can't wait to get off of Disability and get out and find a job! Without getting political about it, in today's economy, even using the social security Ticket to Work program, finding a job is going to be difficult. I do hope to be able to get my drivers license back soon though, that should help.
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I know jobs can be hard to come by, but I'm sure you'll find something soon. Just a thought - what about your previous job - could you go back to that?

Either way, I wish I could post you some hug emotes... *hug-hug-hug*

Take good care. Thinking of you. :-)

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