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What's for lunch


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Used up the last of a McDonald's gift card yesterday on a chicken club, fries, and frozen strawberry lemonade. The rolls are much better than the last time we went there (on the way to the Rush concert in April). Strawberry lemonade is good, but wipe off the strawberry moustache really well tongue.gif
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chickendance.gif Munched on some Chicken strips , fries, and lrg soda.

...Hit the spot, yes.gif real quick like! trink36.gif

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Just finished an AWESOME fried hot dog sandwich. hotdog.gif

2 sour-dough slices, 2 dogs, and mustard and mayo.

You slice the dogs in half, and cook over 4 1/2 heat

turning until they're good and FRIED!...kinda like

my brain...most days!! wink.gif biggrin.gif wacko.gif fing.gif


...Add corn chips and salsa..and big glass of milk..

and your'e seriously STYLIN'.

Top it all off with 5 oreo cookies..That ====TASTY-SWEET!!!!! yes.gif

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I made a sandwich.

Grilled sandwich, to be exact, with pepper jack cheese and...

bacon.gif BACON. bacon.gif

It was epic, and epically delicious.

I am the self-proclaimed master (in my house) of grilled sandwiches.

Perfect on each side every time. new_thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

It's the only thing I can cook well!


I also had a Diet Dr. Pepper and some cheddar Chex Mix but that's besides the point.

Need to cook up more bacon. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs41/f/2009/027/5/2/52d696586e36886681baf6e384b2f65d.gif

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2 pieces of rye bread with peanut butter,

along with milk and oreo cookies.


Peanut butter or egg digestion = stomach shrinking-

weight loss! I try to have atleast one every day.

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Just ate some hand-breaded chicken tenders

and a med. coke. trink36.gif


I go to Carls jr. almost exclusively now, because of the fact

I've got piles and piles of coupon's for this joint...

and they even take the expired ones too,

so it's like CHA-CHINNNNG time! yes.gif


Gotta save as much as ya can, especially

with this 18% or more unemployed depression that we're in. angry.gif rage.gif dazed025.gif

Every little bit helps...I usually use 3 or 4 coupon's per

visit. smile.gif

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Homemade pasta salad - penne, ham, double Gloucester cheese, orange pepper, sweetcorn and mayonnaise.
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Just finished an Egg on toast breakfast, for lunch.

Tasty good stuff!

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Forgot my lunch on Friday, but luckily our manager brought back a bunch of food from a nearby branch's community day. So, we had hot dogs, popcorn, chips, and brownies for Geddy's birthday lunch smile.gif Salami sandwiches yesterday and today.
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