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Vote for Countdown to wake up the astronauts!


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Yeah I saw that. I voted for Rush of course. Too bad those no talent ass clowns (since the late 80s) U2 are in the lead. Do astronauts really want Starbucks music in space? im pretty sure thats all u2 is these days. sigh.


PS- no cygnus x1??? come one pollsters

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Well, hell, if anyone can propel their favorite band into a lead in ANY poll, it's Rush fans. We kick serious poll ass.


Time to shine, folks. We've got some catching up to do.

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QUOTE (RodrigoAltaf @ Aug 20 2010, 03:58 PM)
QUOTE (In A Tidewater Surge @ Aug 20 2010, 02:55 PM)
This captcha is ridiculous. Half the time they are like IlIli

edit: Last captcha was GUP, is it a sign?

Yeah, I got GUP too!!!

I got bjs. I laughed a little. tongue.gif

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