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The Last Minute Ticket(s) Experiment


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So I wanted to see if some of you Rush fan's like me want to participate in a quick(kind of) experiment.


As many of you know the "day of the show" theory has persisted a long time, but has never gained any actual respectable footing. Many buy from brokers(I have), bought from Ticketbastard(I have), but many don't want to risk buying the day of the show.


There are nearly a few hundred seats reserved for the band. They are usually great seats. The band and crew hold these seats and they have a deadline to give them away. Usually it falls on the day before or the day of the show.


So check the show in Chicago! Go to Ticketmaster and post the best tickets you have seen so far.


Already within a few minutes tickets are starting to pop up. There was nothing in the 100 sections, then now in section 103 row P a single ticket.


Click the link, refresh a few times a few minutes later and see if it changes.


BTW they are using a new 'ticket map' feature which is sweet!



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I am sure there are others who scored some great seats as well. Day of show theory has always worked for me.
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Always a gamble. At times it hasn't worked for me, but sometimes it does:


I bought seats at MSG during Snakes and Arrows as soon as they went on sale. Got first tier. Looked day of show and fount floor seat in the first 10 rows (only looked for 1).


Got a seat at PNC for SNA first leg off e-bay. Row H I think. But off to the side. Row in front of me actually first row that far to the side. I could actually touch stage if i leaned foward or to the side. There were 2 seats in my row between me and the stage. The people who sat in them bought their tickets on the way to the show.



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99 times out of 100 there is always a box office release the night of a show. I pulled 7th row center at PNC on one tour. There was a bunch of people with lawn seats quite pissed off. Yes, it is a slight gamble, but trust me its pays often way more then it doesn't.
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