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Some new Prog!


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Yeah, The Death Defying Unicorn for a couple of years ago was fantastic, and this year's Behind The Sun is killer too. Great band, and I really need to pick up the rest of their discography.


Been really into a band called Jack o' the Clock recently. They have four albums, all of them are great, but the last two, Night Loops (2014) and All My Friends (2013) are my favorites. They're definitely not for everyone; their music is pretty complex while having a bit of a folky/Americana vibe (the hammered dulcimer is very prominent), combined with various other styles/influences. All of their albums can be streamed or downloaded from Bandcamp. Took me several listens to get into them, but they're quickly become a favorite of mine.


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Motorpsycho's The Tower is another tour de force from them. Highly recommended.


Arcane Roots Melancholia Hymns & Leprous' Malina are also rocking my world....but....


Hoary old German proggers Eloy have released a BARKING LOONY concept album based on Joan of Arc, it's absolutely mind meltingly brilliant. Totally OTT, spoken word, big swathes of keyboards, power chords EVERYWHERE, lots of Oldfield & Floyd-like sounds. It's truly nuts.


Oh yeah, it's called The Vision, The Sword & The Pyre. Prog on.

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Other than GF, I have not seen any talk of Monarch Trail, esp the new ( 2017 ) album "Sand"


I love this album ... Fans of synth heavy 70s prog, I don't think you will be disappointed




:cheers: Glad you like it. You should also check out their debut album Skye (2014). Brilliant symphonic synth prog!


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2 new ones that are blowing my socks off.


Lunatic Soul - Fractured

This is a side project by Riverside's Mariusz Duda. Musically gorgeous & lush, lyrically heavy.



Daniel Cavanagh - Monochrome

Heart-wrenching debut from Anathema songwriter. Beautiful album.


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