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Forum Rules and Requirements

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ALL THREE of these requirements MUST be met before being granted access to this forum:


1. You must be registered for a minimum of 30 days.

2. You must have a minimum of 100 posts.

3. You must agree totally and completely to the following rules:



The Sense O'Clock News RULES OF CONDUCT


1. No personal attacks (one strike)

2. No unauthorized posting of PMs (one strike)

3. No threat of physical violence (two strikes)



1. No personal attacks (one strike)

PERSONAL ATTACKS are strictly prohibited. To be clear, "I think Dems need to get a life" or "Dick Cheney is stupid" are not personal attacks. However...saying, "GhostGirl is a complete idiot," or "RR, you suck" or "1-0-0-1, you obviously don't have a brain" most certainly constitutes a PERSONAL attack and will not be tolerated. You all know the difference, so look at your words closely before you post. Stay on topic and don't get personal just because you don't agree with another person's point of view. This also includes the use of racial slurs. Meaning, you are not allowed to insult a person based on their race, color, religious faith or sexual orientation.


In a personal attack, quoting another person's post is the same as naming that person. In other words, if you quote a post by JoeBlow2112 and say "You're an a**hole," that's exactly the same thing as saying, "JoeBlow2112, you're an a**hole." This might seem like a painfully obvious thing to point out here, but someone once tried to appeal a strike based on this, so there you go. (That person lost that appeal.)


2. No unauthorized posting of PMs (one strike)

If you're engaged in a heated argument with another person in this forum, and that argument turns into a heated PM exchange (which we highly discourage -- see below), and you decide to copy and paste those PMs (in whole or in part) into a post in ANY forum on this board without the consent of the other person, you get a strike. It doesn't matter if the PM contains a personal attack or not. They're called Private Messages for a reason. Keep them private. If you receive what you consider a harrassing PM from another member at any time, FORWARD the offending PM to an admin. Do not post it on the board.


3. No threat of physical violence (two strikes)

If, for instance, you say to somebody, "If I ever run into you, I will put you in the f***ing hospital," that's a threat of physical violence. That's two strikes in one shot.


NOTE: We can add or change rules as we wish. We will notify here and in the forum of rule changes.




FIRST STRIKE - Two Week Suspension from Politics

SECOND STRIKE - One month Suspension from Politics

THIRD STRIKE - ranging from a Three Month Suspension to Permanent Explusion


It's very simple: If you break one of the aforementioned rules, you get a strike (or two if you threaten physical violence). There are no warnings. First offense gets you a two week suspension. No questions asked. Once you accumulate three strikes, you'll receive a suspension of at least three months, depending on the severity of the offense. If your third offense was particularly nasty, and you have repeatedly shown that you just can't get along in here, you will be booted from SOCN permanently. The length of the third suspension is at the discretion of the admins, depending on the severity of the offense. Their decision is final.


If you get three strikes but receive only a suspension for the third offense, when you return, you will be carrying two strikes around for the rest of your days in here. Those two strikes will NOT disappear from your record. In other words, if you get another strike, we reserve the right to ban you from this forum permanently right there on the spot, no questions asked.


The admins also reserve the right to permanently ban someone from this forum without that person accumulating three strikes, but this would occur only in extreme cases. For example, if a new member joins this forum, and their first order of business is to start trouble and flame people, or post mindless spam, that newbie is showing that they had no real intention of discussing politics in a civil manner. In such a case, there'd be no reason to give that troll continued access to this forum.


You will not be banned from the rest of this board for violations in this political forum. We have kept politics out of the regular areas of this board and we will continue to keep it separate. (And that includes keeping political content out of signatures, avatars and profiles.) HOWEVER, you may be banned from the entire board if:


1. You take the hate to the rest of the board. For example, if you "get into it" with someone in this political forum, then proceed to follow them around outside of this political area, harrassing them, bringing up the political argument in the movie forum, or in the computer forum, etc. This kind of violation could be bad enough to get you banned from TRF.


2. You send harrassing emails or PMs through this board to another user.


3. You create or use additional usernames for the sole purpose of re-entering the Politics forum to harrass somebody after you've been suspended.


These types of cases will be looked at on an individual basis by the mods and the admins and dealt with according to the seriousness of the offense and the past history (e.g., any previous violations) of the user. The final decision is whatever we decide. Instead of banishment from the entire board, we may decide on just a permanent ban from Politics. The bottom line is, if you have a problem with a person in here, keep it in here and keep it about politics.


At some point in a debate, you may feel a person is baiting you into attacking them. Just because you feel you are being baited, that doesn't give you permission to strike back with a personal attack. If you feel like you're being baited, and you're ready to start pounding the keyboard in anger, walk away from the computer and cool off. Then, if you choose, respond in a like smartass manner without attacking them. Or prove them wrong by backing up your points with valid arguments, instead of hateful outbursts.


Something for all to remember: Politics by nature is a touchy subject and can cause hard feelings easily. If you are going to read and post in here, you need to have a thick skin to a large extent -- be prepared for the fact that others do not see things the same way as you. Don't let that stop you from having a beer together before a Rush show.


If you agree to these terms and meet the requirements listed at the top, send a PM confirming acceptance of the rules to 1-0-0-1-0-0-1 or GhostGirl for access to this forum. If you don't meet the requirements, don't bother sending a PM asking for access. They'll just laugh at you. wink.gif


Have fun and let us know if you have any questions.



Rules last amended 4/7/2011

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