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GREAT SCARY Halloween movie recommendation


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Sounds like my kind of movie. I love Poltergeist and several ghost movies that don't rely on gore to carry the viewer through.


"Scary" doesn't always mean "gross!"


Oh, and I still recommend "Dark Night of the Scarecrow" (1981)

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Some of my personal favorites...

The Desent


The Ring

Nightmare on Elm Street

The Exorcist


The Shining



The Amityville Horror


These are just in the order I thought of some.

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I watch these every Halloween...







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Tick, seems like you and I have the same taste in horror flicks..based on your list, I think you'd REALLY like the orphanage


Some of my personal favorites...

The Desent yes.gif

1408 haven't seen

The Ring yes.gif

Nightmare on Elm Street yes.gif

The Exorcist yes.gif Absolutely!

Hellraiser no.gif

The Shining yes.gif

Poltergeist yes.gif

Wishmaster Haven't seen

The Amityville Horror yes.gif

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I've heard great things about this 1974 movie, featuring Margot Kidder. It's supposed to be scary as hell, and it has a cult following. Always meant to check it out. Anyone?

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QUOTE (LeaveMyThingAlone @ Oct 30 2008, 12:51 PM)
For you horror movie fans, I strongly recommend "The Orphanage". We saw it in the theater when it came out, and this thing scared the bejesus out of us.

No "Saw-like" gore....very supernatural along the lines of Poltergeist, but much much better!

Is this the Spanish film?


If so, what a great film, quite a haunting movie and nice to see a genuinely chilling film without excess FX or any FX!


Mrs Picture Moving and I really enjoyed this smile.gif

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