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I need your help


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alright so im reading the masked rider, and i turned to the back to see if there are any pictures of the people he rode with, to get a better picture in my head. As i turned to the back i noticed some hand writing. The writing says, " To Rod, Keep on drummin'!" signed, neil peart (in signature writing)


now my question is, has neil ever done a book signing? Or mabey this lucky guy got it signed somehow, and then i got lucky and bought it on ebay? If it really is neil's sig, rod must be pissed.


I tried looking for some pictures of neil's actual signature, but couldnt find much. Do you guys have any pictures of the signature? Man if this is a real signed copy im gonna die!


thanks for any help!



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QUOTE (drewb93 @ Jun 29 2007, 10:36 PM)
I've heard somewhere that if you send a book into Neil, he'll sign it for you and send it back. Or it could have been a book signing; I don't know much about that.

Lol. How the heck would anyone know where to send that to? Although my buddy sent me this link one time and I freaked out, until I saw his first name was spelled wrong. But he does live in Cali now.




I'm not sure if Neil has ever done a book signing. Doesn't seem to be the sort of thing he's into, meeting strangers and all. Limelight is proof of that. He doesn't seem to feel the need to do anything for the fans aside for play music for them. He doesn't like meeting strangers, and I highly doubt he would enjoy sitting at a table in a book store signing them for hours.

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