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Rush Lyrics Game


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The Way The Wind Blows - Snakes & Arrows


(I looked through the lyrics a couple of times as it would be this or that album and then looked for a song that fit - but the idea of "Us vs. Them" or " They vs. Me" is really, really common in Neil's writing. Nice choice! And Geddy has a way of singing rhymes that are appropriate for many, many albums. It's been a while but this "game" is a great way to re-visit songs and re-read the words of all of them!)


My gaze is caught and held

And I am helpless, mesmerized



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The Anarchist


(And welcome to the Forums, NoahLutz!)  :rush:


I could disappear into the crowd

but not if I keep my head in the clouds

I could walk away so proud

It's easy enough if you don't laugh too loud

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I can hear Geddy's voice! Their comeback album, for sure!


One Little Victory


Like the rat in a maze who says,

"Watch me choose my own direction"


(quotes used in liner lyrics, not mine)

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Forgot to look here for a while, thank you, _hi_water._

I will try to reply this weekend. Anybody else?


Sounds like Clockwork Angels? But these guys are sneaky.

I will find it!

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The Wreckers ( it was the sound of Geddy's voice that made me keep looking in Clockwork Angels )


Each emotional injury leaves behind its mark

Sometimes they come tumbling out

Like shadows in the dark...


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It sounded like the last few albums, found it in Test For Echo.

...Lives connect in webs of gold and razor wire...


Time And Motion



Those bonfire lights in the mirror of sky, the space between wonder and why




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