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Aristocrats new "concept album and...


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This is also a band I feel is leaving some sales and new fans on the table by not adopting surround mixes into their release schedule.  There's a heavy percentage of surround music fans that are into prog and the style music they're doing, and their music also leans into creative mixes helping to elevate it.  They are, once again, not producing any surround options for the new album.


Haken are another band I feel are missing out on a very obvious to me opportunity.

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20 hours ago, stoopid said:

The first single is a good jam.  They're offering a high res bandcamp DL for $10, so I bit.



Guthrie has a more metal tone, and yet a more jazz tone on the jazz bits. It's a lot cleaner than the last couple of albums.

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Here's the song titles:


1. Hey, Where's MY Drink Package?
2. Aristoclub
3. Sgt. Rockhopper
4. Sittin' With A Duck On A Bay
5. Here Come The Builders
6. Muddle Through
7. Slideshow
8. And Then There Were Just Us / Duck's End
9. This Is Not Scrotum

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