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To all of my Brother & Sister Veterans!

Jack Aubrey

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Happy Veteran's Day! I hope you all have an exceptional one!



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Thank you for your service, Jack!  Thank you also, JohnRogers!


Shout out to my late dad, USN, Korean War era.  He spent a lot of time in the Aleutians, watching for Soviet Union aircraft and ships.  I grew up in a whole neighborhood of those guys, and miss them.  My best friend's dad- Battle of the Bulge.  My father in law- North Africa, fighting Rommel. My cousin- flew a Huey helicopter in Vietnam to med evac wounded guys.   My friend's dad- served in Pearl Harbour (after the attack.) .  We were all too young to appreciate their stories and they didn't usually want to tell them to their kids, but we were proud they were part of something bigger than themselves.


Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served!  I appreciate you!



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5 hours ago, JohnRogers said:

Thanks for that but I read somewhere else on here that fact checkers aren't reliable. There is even a whole thread about it. Regardless if they both actually had the things they got the deferment for then they're both legit. I wonder why the media didn't talk about the Biden thing? Hmmmm. :wink:

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Thank you to all who served honorably.  Let's honor their sacrifice by limiting our presence in combat zones to where it is absolutely necessary for our national security, defined narrowly.

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