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Happy 70th birthday, Geddy Lee!!!


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Now get out there and make more music, dammit!


Just kidding, do whatever you feel like, you've earned it...not that you need anyone to tell you that.

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1018 – Count Dirk III defeats an army sent by Emperor Henry II in the Battle of Vlaardingen.


935 years later......


1953 – Gary Lee Weinrib is born.


Coincidence?  I think NOT!!  

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Haven’t been on here for ages due to ‘Circumstances’.Happy Birthday Geddy !And I actually bought the tech 21 Geddy Lee bass pre amp today.


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16 hours ago, treeduck said:

I wonder if he's reading this page right now?

I think he has paid staff that check social media.



Anyhow, just want to mention he's probably annoyed with the amount of people begging him to live as long as possible. (After the past few years, it makes sense.) Bless him, he's done so much for the world. I hope he's enjoying retirement.

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