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Working Man Jazz-style improv cover


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My son wanted some tracks for his art school application.  So downloaded reaper, dusted off a tascam I/F and threw down some mics.
He played HS jazz band so he wanted to go that direction. "give me some beats" ....
Recorded three "improv"  tracks-  this working man progression, a tune I call groovy girl and machine head bush ;)  

The bass : Went with a rolled off jazz tone. Felt like riffing & took me a few takes to actually get close to what was I was thinkin'! I don't play bass often, nor jazz ;)
Guitars: The iconic riffs in Working Man omg.  I went with a couple of the cooler riffs and of course had to finish with that D-chord bender! 
Samples: We drop into this effin cool grove for the chorus, I hold a bass E under the guitar then join back up on the G-A.
I put Ged over top of that. But the track tempo is slower than the orig so had to stretch those to fit
Vocals: Obviously lyric speaks to just being absorbed in work, and life/world is going on around you. 10-12 hour days, "got no time for living"   
I updated to "Logging on at 7 yay I'm going to work at 9" and logging off.  Just happen to be looking at some company videos, of a working bakery and it fit perfect!


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