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Happy 80th Birthday George Harrison

The Cat 3

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Happy Birthday to George Harrison,


who would have turned 80 years old today.


Thank you for your gift of music that has enriched our

lives so and in which your spirit lives on through.


#old days from Brackets!

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Happy birthday to the founder of one of the best British film companies, Handmade.  Lot of quality films except for this one and he'll agree.  Called Madge a pain in the ass.  "It was like The Producers!" :laugh:



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He was my favorite Beatle.

How many times did I watch HELP! - about a million!


"It's a thingy, A fiendish thingy!"

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Thanks for the reminder and the Apple Scruffs clip...that was a great song.  I was a big Lennon fan but George was always so funny with his deadpan look and his songs were always so good. 


Found this on YT a couple of years ago, so many funny clips of him :heart:


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:7up:. Creme tangerine and Montelimar :7up:

:musik19: A ginger sling with a pineapple heart! :musik19:


Damn, I do love those Harrison tracks!

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