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Albums You've Listened To Today, V.9

The Cat 3

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Dream Theater- Awake 

Dream Theater- Distance Over Time 

Dream Theater- A View From The Top Of The World


Oof...this was a sexy trio

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Steven Wilson- The Raven That Refused To Sing



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Friday - Tuesday

Koyo - Would You Miss It?

'68 - Yes, And…

Millington - Welcome Home (Vinyl)

Bad Religion - Generator

Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate

Koyo - Would You Miss It?

Bad Religion - Stranger Than Fiction

Bad Religion - The Gray Race

Bad Religion - No Substance

Never Loved - Never Loved (EP)

Never Loved - Over It (Vinyl)

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Released this day 50 years ago, my freshman year of college, Good Bye Yellow Brick Road.


We'd stack three albums on the turntable to fall asleep to.


Elton John - Side 1 / LP 1 Good Bye Yellow Road Road

Pink Floyd - Side 2 Meddle

Wings - Side 2 Band On The Run






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Rhapsody- Symphony Of Enchanted Lands 


Saw on Facebook that this power metal classic turns 25 today. Don't mind me, playing one of the best metal albums I've ever heard!

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Alter Bridge- Pawns And Kings 


Still a terrific album. Doesn't contain any surprises from them, but stellar songs are stellar songs. And this is full of them!.

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Swallow The Sun- Songs From The North I, II & III


This remains a phenomenal work of art. A triple album, each disc is totally different, the band exploring all shades of light and dark in their sound. It's Haunting, it's melancholy and it's dripping in atmosphere. Beautiful. Fans of Opeth, Dark Tranquility and Porcupine Tree should check these guys out. Alongside Insomnium, some of the best metal in the business, but maybe a bit too niche for broad appeal.

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Paradise Lost- Icon


This album is a classic. It helped cement them as a huge name on the European scene, and it's influence was everywhere. 


They have announced a re-recording to celebrate its 30th anniversary. First single, Widow, sounds INCREDIBLE and I'm honestly shocked, but the Paradise Lost of 2023 is a far more experienced band than the one of 1993, and I actually am quietly confident they may have upgraded their own masterpiece. I cant WAIT to hear their new takes on Remembrance and Embers Fire.


As a huge Paradise Lost fan, they have excited me with a concept I normally despise: a re-recording.

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