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Albums You've Listened To Today, V.9

The Cat 3

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Rush- Permanent Waves 

Masterplan- Masterplan 

Iron Maiden- Powerslave 

Rhapsody Of Fire- From Chaos To Eternity 


Four sublime albums. Masterplan are underrated.

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28 minutes ago, Alex’s Amazing Arpeggios said:

Enchant - The Great Divide 

Enchant - Blink of an Eye

Dead Daisies - Holy Ground 


What do you think of Enchant.  They came up in the 90's prog revival but their melodic sensibilities are firmly grounded in AOR.  Ted Leonerd (the singer)  is essentially Steve Perry meets Steve Walsh, lol



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10 hours ago, The Cat 3 said:

Permanent Waves (40th Anniversary) by Rush on Amazon Music - Amazon.com

This may have been my favorite one so far.  The live cuts are astonishingly good. Hearing Alex's PeW tone on Xanadu is transformative.

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16 hours ago, Segue Myles said:

In Europe, they remain big players. One of the biggest metal publications declared them the best live band in 2017, Black Anima was deemed by critics and fans here an event album. Their tours are really successful, and whilst they aren't chasing the charts anymore, there are more and more younger fans at shows and newer albums are bringing in new audiences.


Try to think beyond the USA, because over here, Delirium and Black Anima have seen them face a big turnaround for the better. It's becoming more and more common for journalists to speak of them as underrated, and Cristina is being spoken of a lot by younger female singers as an inspiration. They will never be Nightwish big, but over this side, the slight dip in popularity that happened somewhere between Shallow Life and BCH has seen a reversal, and whereas before they were deemed almost like a fad, these days in Britain and Europe they are being respected more as icons, not unlike Paradise Lost when they experienced a revival about a decade ago.


I think the reason bands like Paradise Lost and Lacuna Coil have survived so long is because at some point, they just stopped chasing the zeitgeist and just settled for consistency and nurturing their fanbase. 


As for being a "nostalgia band", Delirium and Black Anima are now being spoken of by fans as fan favourites. I know many old schoolers are talking less and less about Comalies. And the modern material is exciting fans live more than the old, which is why I think they wanted to revisit Complies. That album has been well received but the new arrangements work better live (personally, the original album is the obvious better version).


I'm not sure how LC are viewed in the USA anymore, but over here LC are thriving with a more fresh faced fanbase. They are definitely cult artists, who are not dependent on old albums. In fact, pre-Dark Adrenaline tracks are almost a novelty for fans at shows these days.


I honestly have no clue how they're viewed over here in the US. I don't pay attention to publications and the only fan interaction I have is with the ones on this forum. The reason I said that about the festival spots is because it looks to me like they're seen as just a band who can fill a spot in the middle of the day at one of these shows when I see where they're placed on them. I just thought they were kind of at a certain level and they never really rose up from that. But if younger fans are starting to find them in Europe maybe that will change a bit for them and they can have a later career resurgence.

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