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TCU - We're Proud of You!

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Ok, the Championship game is a blowout as many expected. The trenches have been wholly owned by GA. But TCU is the first mid-major to make it this far, and they did so pretty convincingly. Their Strength of Schedule was plenty strong, and their on-field performances solid. Till today. LOL With mostly TX players and a pure-bred TX coach of the year, Lone Star hears couldn't be prouder.  Max Duggan left it all on the field all year this year and deserved a better send off, they were simply overmatched. He's bigger than you think, 6'2" 230. I would love to see him go to the Cowboys, third round or so.  

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When Georgia escaped the last round's game, I figured they'd come back in full force and TCU would be in trouble.  They did a great job putting a hurt on Michigan, taking advantage of the Wolverines' decisions.  A season they can be proud of.

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I mean, they do have a lot to be proud of this season, I just don't think last night's game is anywhere near that list.

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