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Is Alex Lifeson your favorite guitar player?


Is Alex Lifeson your favorite guitar player?  

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  1. 1. Is Alex Lifeson your favorite guitar player?

    • Alex is #1 without a doubt! - head and shoulders above all others!
    • He's #1, but there are some others who come close!
    • He's definitely in my top 5!
    • He's in my top 10
    • Not even in my top 10 - just too much other competition out there!

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In my top 10 but I've always viewed Rush more as a collective unit.

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Alex is definitely one of my favourite entertainers! He seemed uncomfortable at times being the leader but came through with flying colours. Just his presence made the band confident. He filled in the spaces in between the lines when it was needed and could flat out rock any time he wanted to.


For me, he is right up there with Jimi, Terry Kath, SRV and riffmaster Tony Iommi.


There are dozens more great guitar players, but you asked. Thanks for posting this thread.


just my Top 5!

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Over the years I would say he is my favourite...he is absolutely indispensable to the Rush sound, and I have always admired his ability to occupy a lot of space


However, there is a revolving door of others who are up there too, such as Ty Tabor, Tony Iommi, Steve Howe,Ginger Wildheart, James Dean Bradfield etc.

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On 9/1/2022 at 11:58 AM, Slime said:

Here comes yet another FAVORITE poll!


Is Alex Lifeson your favorite guitar player?


Key distinction once again! - "favorite", not "the best"


What say you??

I say thanks for creating this poll ! 👍😎

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Yep Lerxst is indeed my ‘ Favourite ‘ 

guitarist ! :alex: 
( others being : Luke , Brian May, Schon,  EVH ) 

Alex’s playing over the course of Rush’s career is more varied stylistically

in sound that any other guitar player I can think of.

i.e His playing in terms of approach , and creation of sound-scapes ( tone , variation of effects ) was constantly evolving rather than just sticking to one type of sound.

e.g 🤔 To a non-Rush fan would they believe that Alex is the axe man on both Caress of Steel AND Grace Under Pressure


Whilst Steve Vai and Yngwie etc … maybe technically ‘ better ‘ guitarists and I love them too btw … but they had established a signature sound at the start of their careers and pretty much stuck with it , so their albums can sometimes feel a bit samey

Alex’s talents alongside Geddy’s & Neil’s 

are the reason why over their career they sound like I’d say 4 totally different bands.


It’s Lerxst’s Magic creativity and

originalness ( as much as raw technic ) that made techncial gods John Petrucci & 

Paul Gilbert in awe & utterly obsessed with Alex ! 

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I think of Alex, maybe more than the other two guys, as indistinguishable from Rush itself.  Like, I don't tend to consider him as a player outside of the band - his basically IS Rush to me.  Given that, and given how much I love the band, he is among my favourites...but he doesn't "stand out" like other players for me.  Like, I love Pink Floyd...but I also think of Dave Gilmour as his own entity - I don't mean because he makes solo records, just that he is a stand out of that band. 


I don't think Alex stands out in the world of the hard rock riff gods - the Jimmy Pages of the world - but I think where he is unique and very cool is where the melding of the less hard rock stuff entered his playing.  The era where he was still ripping crazy solos, but bringing that Alan Holdsworth, Andy Summers thing to it was for me the coolest era of his playing...although the least "guitar god" part of his career. 

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