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Any tips on searching?

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I'm trying to find a poll for ATWAS vs. ESL, because I'm certain there must already be one, but the new search system is making it difficult. Firstly, I can't seem to access the full advanced search options unless I do a standard search first, and then on the page with the results it lets you use the advanced options. But there's also some kind of timer on searches where you can't do more than one every 30 seconds, or maybe every minute? I get that this is to stop bots from just searching all the time, but when I do try to search and the timer that I can't see hasn't quite run out yet, it's like my search is nullified and refreshing or going back doesn't always seem to take into account the new parameters I may have put in on the advanced settings.  What's more frustrating though, is that once I did get all my parameters in and get a successful search for "all the world's a stage," parameters being only searching in content titles, only searching the Feedback subforum, and using the whole phrase... it came up with nothing. Are there really no threads in Feedback that have the full title of ATWAS in their title?


Any advice would be appreciated. Alternatively, if someone could direct me to an ATWAS vs. ESL poll, I would be grateful.

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