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Bruce Willis diagnosed with degenerative brain condition with memory loss, will step away from acting


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This may explain why he made about 7 direct to DVD movies last year.


I heard someone on the radio along those lines as well- saying he was trying to bank as much money as he could for his family, knowing he would not be working again. :(

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Doesn't sound too good for Bruce. :(

He'll be back...oh that's the other guy... :smoke:



He didn't come back for 3 because he wanted a raise for it and Stallone said no. It's the action equivalent of Ocean's movies so you're gonna have to lower your paycheck to keep it at the proper budget. Harrison Ford replaced him.


He's not the only one Willis was difficult towards. Woody Allen, as bad as he is, fired him from some movie and Kevin Smith was treated horribly by Willis on Cop Out. His reputation kind of played a part in him doing direct to video movies.

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It`s a damn shame. I don`t think anyone minded that he seemed to portray variations of his Moonlighting character for his entire career. :notworthy:

I didn't know Moonlighting was this violent. Surely not Last Man Standing violent. :unsure:

Classic sitcom...Tim Allen, Hector Elizondo et al. Actually, I`ve always had a thing for Nancy Travis. :heart:

I was introduced to Bruce's talent when I went to see Die Hard on a double date in the late 80s. He hasn't disappointed me until the naked skateboarding incident. :facepalm:

He did a what with a skateboard? :o

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