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What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Non-Rush) V.19


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1 hour ago, Timbale said:


Michael Penn - A Revival.  Penn hasn't released a proper album in 15 or so years...but he dropped this song in 2020.  I adore it...and the video is really great, too.

SOCN could discuss this better. I am not an American and no offense to anyone!; if we were all the same, the world would be very boring. The minor chords kinda give the context away. Thanks for posting and it was good to see Ms Mann with the Danelectro! ... really don't know what else to think. 


My observations of past religious happenings and quasi-current political situations are just examples of irony and escapism whilst I sit on a fence.


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37 minutes ago, custom55 said:

The Guess Who - Heartbroken Bopper

Grew up with the Guess Who... I think Randy left the band at this point. Burton continued to kick arse.


Was a good ole time in Canada!


Thanks for the memories!

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