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Concert Videos Ranked- Which is your favorite?


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Since I now own all the Concert Videos officially released, I thought it would be fun to rank them in order of best to worst. This is just my personal opinion, you might feel completely different than me.


Exit Stage Left- 7/10


Pros: Amazing performances of Xanadu, The Trees, ByTor, Freewill etc.


Cons: Missing over half the set list. Partial show only. Below average video quality (bad video transfer?)



Grace Under Pressure Live- 8/10


Pros: Amazing Sound quality, one of the best sounding shows period. Outstanding performances of Distant Early Warning, New World Man, Red Sector A, The Weapon, etc


Cons: Missing more than half of set list, partial show again. Mediocre Video quality. Also seems to be out of print and hard to find.



A Show Of Hands- 8.5/10


Pros; Very varied show. Some hidden gems played live that were never revisited. Lock And Key, Prime Mover, Turn The Page, Excellent performances and great camerawork.


Cons: Grainy video, again bad video transfer? One song missing from DVD release (Lock And Key), new below average sound mix (guitar too quiet, bass very loud, new drums.)



Rush In Rio- 9/10


Pros: Amazing concert atmosphere and Very intense and loud crowd. Amazing setlist (Distant Early Warning, Earthshine, New World Man, The Pass etc) Bonus video (Anthem) and Documentary (The Boys In Brazil)


Cons: Mediocre sound mix. Show was plagued with technical issues. It sounds great on my Dad's Cornwall Speakers, but will probably sound below average for many people. Average video quality. Was upgraded slightly on Blu ray. Show gets a higher rating because of the excellent presentation, otherwise I'd give it a 7/10.


R30- 10/10 (One of the best!)


Pros: HD Video quality, looks great on 4K TV. Amazing setlist and sound quality. Bonus videos and interviews.


Cons: At least 3 different Video releases (original was missing 8 songs) Original Blu-ray has full set list but no bonus features, 2nd Blu ray has Full set list and Bonus features but hard to find now. My copy of the 2nd Blu ray was region locked and came in crappy packaging, but played fine thankfully. I also have the original release which comes with the live album and other stuff. Too many versions and easy to get confused and buy the wrong one if you're not careful.


Snakes And Arrows- 9/10


Pros: Long and varied set list with bonus songs included from second leg of tour. (Far Cry, Malignant Narcissism, Between The Wheels, Digital Man etc) Great camera work.


Cons: Weird sound mix (seems quiet in many places)


Time Machine- 9/10 (My first tour!)


Pros- Set list that goes back in time to the beginning and Moving Pictures from start to finish. Good camera work and Sound quality.


Cons- Flimsy packaging for DVD version. Basically paper.


Clockwork Angels Live- 8/10


Pros: Amazing setlist with Clockwork Angels String Ensemble (Caravan, The Garden, Manhattan Project, etc) Bonus soundcheck videos and behind the scenes documentary.


Cons: Average camera work, Maybe not the best venue to film.


R40 LIVE-9/10 (Second and Last time I saw them live)


Pros: Reverse Chronological Setlist Going back to 1974 (Anthem, Working Man, Lakeside Park, What You're Doing, etc)


Cons: Last Rush tour :( Missing some bonus songs that were on album. Crappy packaging. Discs were awkwardly crammed inside.


I love all the shows this is just my own personal opinion. Which is your favorite personally?

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Rio and the Madison Square Garden bootleg of the Time Machine Tour filmed by Tapehead2. She's (yes it's a woman) quite close to the band and it brings me back to being front row for the 2nd leg of that tour.
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ESL had such a murky dark grainy look to it and then with Grace Under Pressure a few years later that was a complete opposite almost too well lit and TOO bright in many spots.

I hardly ever watch anything past R30 because Ged's voice got worse and worse with each release. Time Machine Tour is almost unwatchable because of that for me and I never bothered to pick up R40 for the same reason

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