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The Mustache or the Mullet! Which one influenced Neil's writing style more?


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  1. 1. which one had greater influence on Neil's writing?

    • That sinister Tolkeinian mustache!
    • It was all about the mullet babay!

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The moustache was the fourth member of the band back then.


I thought fifth after Geddy's nose. :)


I have a story about that :-)


Way back when I was a callow youth I was at The Royal Highland Exhibition Hall (known locally as the Cowshed) to see Rush on the Signals tour.


This was in the days before all seating at indoor events and as a result there was quite a bit of surging to the front, and some people were getting squashed.


Geddy quite responsibly tried to reason with the crowd and asked them to move back to give those at the front a break.


Unfortunately for him, some wag shouted out "f**k off you big nosed bastard!".....this refrain was quickly taken up by what seemed like hundreds of people like a football chant.


Poor Geddy just stood there blinking not knowing what the hell to do.....I think Alex was pissing himself.


Anyway, terribly immature but hilarious to my 15 year old self.


What a story!


Thats not the event corresponding to the famous Geddy clip of saying "move..back" is it?


No, that was elsewhere I think.....In those days of no seating, it was something that bands had to do fairly often.

I have an audio of a Counterparts tour boot from Phoenix where Geddy makes two requests for the crowd take a couple steps back, but after no response tersely requests the assembled multitude to "move back".
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