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Inspired by something Mick said: Supertramp vs. Steely Dan!


choose one  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. band

  2. 2. most often celebrated album

    • Supertramp - Breakfast In America
    • Steely Dan - Aja
  3. 3. My favorite album by each

    • Supertramp - Even In The Quietest Moments...
    • Steely Dan - The Royal Scam

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Mick compared these bands in the album thread and it gave me this poll idea!


I'm pretty straight ticket Supertramp personally, though I do enjoy some good Dan from time to time... the band.

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Dan Tramp Dan

Ditto tho really the last one is 50/50 for me. Love both albums.. I love Aja but BIA is just so freaking good I had to vote for it. And I do love both bands tho SD had a longer run of high quality music.

Seeing Steely Dan in May (if we get to do live concerts). Will be my 2nd time. First was 2000 in Vegas.

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Steely Dan




yes Supertramp reminds of a british Steely Dan. the Clean Production. the slight jazz feel. the quirky lyrics. BUT to me there's one Dan and they are my fav band.


i've grown too love supertramp though. and think Breakfast is WAY better than Aja. i'm a weird fan in that Aja does not thrill me. i prefer Gaucho by a lot.


However as fab as Quietest moments is.......and it is my fav Supertramp....it can't beat my fav Dan. Scam is perfect and one of my fav albums that decade.


Two top shelf bands!!!!!



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Aja may be their most celebrated but you are way more likely to hear a song from can't buy a thrill on the radio

By a long shot.


Dan is #2 only to rush for me and as such, I favor all Dan over any supertramp. Even the pre- can't buy a thrill material and the post gaucho releases.


Katy lied

Royal scam

Pretzel logic are my top 3


Supertramp are great . Crime of the century is their best imo.

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Never liked Supertramp, and probably due to a revisit at some point. But based on my recent rediscovery of Steely Dan, I'm doubtful my mind would be changed. The Dan all the way. Easily my favorite old school rediscoveries. The Who, Stones, earliest Floyd and Crimson haven't seen nearly as much time combined as SD have in the past year or two. Edited by stoopid
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