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Exit...Stage Left 40 years old today


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I try not to get caught up in the "micro-sonics" of recordings.

Yes there are differences of every recording, for sure. But yes, my goodness, the fortieth versions of just about everything will keep going, now.

A really great reminder of their stamina and pure push that kept them touring and recording!


I guess, keep in mind "they" are not in control of the releases and what/which/when stuff is released. I wish they did? Feel they should?

Looks like we can have some clothing from Backstage to celebrate, but nothing yet pressed on vinyl or CD or please Blu-ray!!

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ESL was my 2nd Rush album purchase back in 83/4 I think. Being a compilation album I was always entertaining trying to identify the albums with the symbolisms on the album cover with the woman from PW being the most prominent/obvious.


Playing the album first on my cheapo music centre and then two years later on my far more expensive Marantz hi-fi and Wharfedale  speakers and the difference in sound quality was hugely noticeable, especially on TS, CTTH, The Trees and LSV.


LSV remains my most repeated song from that album. Always sends a shiver down my spine with the solos.

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A great live album to be sure. I'm still a hardcore All the World's a Stage fan myself bur there is a lot to love about Exit Stage Left.


I remember in 1982 when my mom told me she was going to the mall while I was at school. She asked if I wanted anything and I asked for Exit Stage Left on LP.


she came back with Abracadabra by Steve Miller band. Ugh. Talk about disappointment.



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Confession time: I am a major Rush fan, and yet I have never heard Exit Stage Left.

I've heard a piece here and there, of course, but never all the way through. 

I'm no stranger to their live recordings. I grew up listening to ASOH (had the VHS tape too) , and later Different Stages became a favorite (as I enjoy 80s and 90s Rush most). As an adult in the 2000s/2010s there's been a galaxy of live recordings to listen to. I love all of it, mostly. 

So I'm saving ESL for later in life. We're not getting any new material, and I want some vintage Rush recordings to enjoy when I'm old. 

That is all. 



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