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RPG: Live! Bootleg vs. Desolation Boulevard

choose one  

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  1. 1. album

    • Aerosmith - Live! Bootleg
    • Sweet - Desolation Boulevard
  2. 2. band

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Aerosmith at their most unhinged vs. Sweet at their most popular. Who takes home the fabulous sparkling leotard?
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Cool match up! I had to go with Desolation Boulevard, it's a stone cold classic! :heart: Band was actually close for me because I'm a big Sweet fan and not that much of an Aerosmith fan. Reviewing entire body of work, though, I had to go with Aerosmith.
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Album - Sweet

Band - Aerosmith


Sweet are/were an interesting band. Always seen (certainly over here) as a glam pop/rock band at the height of the genre along with bands like Slade, Mudd, T-Rex, etc etc.

Despite having a number of bubblegum pop/rock hits penned by the Chinn/Chapman songwriting team such as Funny Funny, Poppa Joe, Little Willie and Wig-Wam Bam, they were keen

to do more of their own more rock orientated stuff. It is for this later stuff that I prefer to remember them.

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Had to go with Aerosmith on both counts but Desolation Boulevard is a great album. Mind you I only know the NA version of DB which I think is an amalgam of DB and Sweet FA. Anyway fantastic albums Aerosmith released this cool double live album that went against the grain of the times. All those majestic sounding double live records of the seventies and Aerosmith delivers a live album that sounds like it came from a cassette buried in a roadie's duffel bag.
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