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TRIBUTES: Songs for Neil Volume I Album


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The RushCon people organized a Secret Santa gift exchange during the Christmas season last year. I received this CD from my Secret Santa. I was definitely impressed. Glad to hear a volume 2 is on the way. Thanks for the info.
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I am surprised there has not been more interest in this, posting wise. Over three weeks and two replies. I saw it, but had nothing to add. Perhaps others feel the same?

It's a great cause, but I guess there are many, many causes so...must be a personal perspective?

I purchased the CD + Digital download. Fifty Canuck Bucks, but I feel it's worth it.

A friend's husband passed away from the glio in November before Neil. I could see the trip they were on.

Oddly peaceful.

I want something to listen to while driving, Rush songs, but something more along the lines of the 40th 2112 release with other bands. This will be it!


Check out the links, even if you don't buy, the community interest is amazing. And I recognized the dude from the Time Stand Still movie - he learned to walk again..."No matter what they say!".

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