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  1. 1. When did TRF chatroom get taken down?

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I stood there and hummed I tapped on her drum I asked her "How come?"

and she buttoned her boot and straightened her suit then she said, “Don’t get cute”

so I forced my hands in my pockets and felt with my thumbs

and gallantly handed her my very last piece of gum


^ just


not really moving me

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8 hours ago, Union 5-3992 said:

Three weeks after I put 1600 miles on my car, I'ma put another 1600 miles on my car

You’re nonstop with that thing. The Miata barely manages 500 a month lately 

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whenever i dream of someone who is now dead IRL and they're alive it's always something i notice, so for ex when i dreamt of my grandma her "character" haunted me at the family gathering because i knew she was dead and she wasn't speaking, then she disappeared. last night i dreamt of some guy i know who was shot and killed, and in the dream i addressed it to him and he was like "nah i faked my death"

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i read recently that  a trick someone does to escape nightmares when he's having them is through testing the impossible. several times throughout each day he covers his nose and mouth and then tries to breathe, so when he has nightmares it's easier for him to lucidly or coincidentally do this in the dream, and when that happens if he notices he's still breathing despite the fact that he shouldn't be able to then it tips him off

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