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RUSHfest Scotland to release tribute album

Huge Ackman

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RUSHfest launches charity Rush tribute album


By Jerry Ewing (Prog) a day ago

Scottish Rush festival launches charity tribute album with cover designed by Hugh Syme



CDWf5dJdj9hXJiusRimtTF-320-80.jpg (Image credit: RUSHfest)

RUShfest, the annual Scottish Rush festival, are to launch a charity Rush tribute album, and they've got Rush album cover designer Hugh Syme on board to create the artwork.

Tribute - Songs For Neil Vol. 1 will be released on September 12, which would have been the late Rush drummer Neil Peart's birthday. All profits from the album will go to Cancer Support Scotland (UK) and Glioblastoma Foundation Neil Peart Research Award (USA).

The album features 12 covers of Rush songs, including Canadian singer songwriter Jacob Moon's version of Subdivisions (you can watch the video below) and Brazilian prog rock duo Fleesh who covered The Garden, and from Rush tribute bands from around the world, including Scotland's The Macallan Project, Italy's La Villa Strangiato, Canada's New World Men and Far & Near from the UK.

"Rush continue to be an inspiration to musicians worldwide," RUSHfest organiser Steve Brown tells Prog. "This album showcases some of the best. That old imitation/flattery cliche rings true here. Everyone involved has taken part because they love the band. Soundtrack to our lives? You bet.

"Our main event was cancelled this year - as was every other gig! - but our online event in June was a great success, raising over £8,500 for charity. On the back of that, and with some lockdown inspiration the idea for a tribute album came to mind. Having organised RFS since 2014 I've been in touch with a lot of Rush tribute bands over the years - I play in one myself.

"The call was put out on social media - bands got in touch. This album had to be produced in a short timescale so only those with quality recordings made the shortlist. "

All going well RUSHfest Scotland will be back in May 2021 - with Jacob Moon, Hugh Syme and Terry Brown as VIPs. A second volume of covers is planned for March 2021.

Pre-order Tribute - Songs For Neil Vol. 1.

Tribute - Songs For Neil Vol. 1 - Various Artists

1. Far Cry - The Macallan Project

2. Subdivsions - Jacob Moon

3. The Trees - New World Men

4. The Garden - Fleesh

5. Afterimage - Moving Pictures

6. Cinderella Man - Lotus Land

7. The Pass - The Rush Tribute Project

8. Nobody's Hero - 3 Snow Dogs

9. Marathon (Live) - La Villa Strangiato

10. Losing It - Clockwork Angels

11. Vital Signs - The Rushians

12. Between The Wheels (live) - Bravado

13. Closer To The Dave - David King

14. Time Stand Still - Far & Near

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I am always amazed, not so much at the fan dedication to the band, but the real top notch professionalism and authenticity of enthusiasm.

Like, not only something to pay tribute, but the hard work and technical/production display of love for showing support.


A tonne of work went into doing this, obviously. Thank you Huge Ackman for sharing this!

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