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Met Neil...sound familiar?

Dear Sir

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Welcome back.

Don't you have a fantasy to concoct somewhere?

Have a sad little day.

You are welcome here, though I'll choose an amazing day. If anything about this thread triggers you, please feel no obligation to visit. I'll miss your profound insights, but your emotional well-being is more important. Please, take care of yourself ❤.
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...with Peart being a bibliophile and you being such a famous author and all. He had to have been awestruck.


Oh man! I sifted through every page of this horse crap and THAT one line made it all worthwhile! :LMAO:

(For the record, I have never EVER met Neil Peart, and I don’t care who believes me.)

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I met him the evening before a show at the Gorge when he stayed at the M&M Motel in Connell, WA. I knew he'd stayed there before from one of his previous writings, so I staked out the place when they returned to the venue. Sure enough he and Michael showed up the evening before the show and I of course broke into Neil's room through the window. He didn't mind at all because I told him I was a gigantic fan of his and that was of course something he always was happy to talk about with other people. We ended up talking for hours over several Macallans and he really reveled in my constantly praising him about how awesome I thought he was. In fact, he was so engaged by that type of conversation, he paid the motel for the window I broke and gave me backstage passes to the show he next night. It was the last show of the 2nd leg of the TM tour in 2011 and we partied our asses off after the show too. I finally had to leave the following morning but not before he told me how much he really enjoyed the fawning fanboy stuff as he had never experienced that before.
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