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Hitting home....


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My wife works at a hospital, and it's easier for me to drop her off and pick her up due to where the parking is. So every day I get a text that she's almost ready, so I drive the two miles, park in front of one of the entrances, and listen to my music, and play my "wordscapes" game. Today's selection was Snakes and Arrows, and Armour and Sword came on.


I happened to be parked in front of the Children's hospital entrance, which is just up from the Cancer Institute's entrance. As the song is playing, I notice a little girl walk out with very thin hair just as the line "No one gets to their Heaven without a fight" and just totally lost it! about two minutes later, another little one came out completely bald.


I LOVE that song to begin with, but I've never had such a poignant revelation while listening to a song.


Talk about a moment!

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Some of Neil's lyrics really grow on you, esp with experience.

Cold Fire I didn't understand when I was 18. I understand the lyrics now, all too well.

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