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The Fading Light


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So uh... hi everybody. Here's the band that I currently play drums with around Pittsburgh, PA called The Fading Light. Feel free to give us a listen if you so please and hopefully you'll enjoy what you hear!


We recently released a live EP titled The Cabin Sessions that you can stream through all of the major platforms. Spotify, Apple Music, etc; and we also have individual videos that we shot for each song while we were recording them for the EP.


This one is my personal favorite song to play titled "On My Own" -

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"On My Own" is solid for a live recording. I dig the verse, the chorus is fairly cookie cutter / samey as most stuff nowadays. Playing is accomplished.


The vocalist sings well enough, but they sound too dry. A little reverb and/or touch of chorus (or doubler) would go a long way, giving them more presence in the mix. Since it's a live take, think of it as a way of doubling the vocal track (when you obviously can't). More a note for future recordings.

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