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I am sadden by my friend and one of my hero’s passing today at the young age of 67. He is a legend

we’re going to miss u buddy

praying for his family

11:25 PM · Jan 10, 2020



Sad news indeed. I met Neil and the guys in Toronto in the 80s to discuss production work for them. Lovely talented people.

12:26 PM · Jan 11, 2020


Tom Hamilton


Really sorry to hear about Neil Peart’s passing. He was an amazing drummer and made a huge ccontribution to Rock music. All my best to Alex and Geddy.

11:18 PM · Jan 10, 2020

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Neil Peart Believed in the Freedom of Music [1/11/2020 by Patrick Lyons]


In more recent years though, Peart recanted on his youthful Rand obsession. When asked by Rolling Stone in 2012 if the author’s words still “spoke to him,” Peart gave a very thoughtful answer:


Oh, no. That was 40 years ago. But it was important to me at the time in a transition of finding myself and having faith that what I believed was worthwhile… For me, it was an affirmation that it’s all right to totally believe in something and live for it and not compromise. It was a simple as that. On that “2112” album, again, I was in my early twenties. I was a kid… Libertarianism as I understood it was very good and pure and we’re all going to be successful and generous to the less fortunate and it was, to me, not dark or cynical. But then I soon saw, of course, the way that it gets twisted by the flaws of humanity.


Peart, as the band says in the next line of “The Spirit of Radio,” liked to believe in the freedom of music. “Art as expression,” he wrote on another cut from 1980’s Permanent Waves, “Not as market campaigns, will still capture our imaginations.” That reads like a punk song, but it’s a song by Rush, a band that punk ostensibly rose in opposition to. That’s a microcosm of Peart as a whole: blown up as a poster child for hulking, unsexy cultural relics like PROG, FANTASY, LIBERTARIANISM, but in truth, just a relentlessly talented dreamer beholden to none of the labels people ascribed to him.

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This. from the Danforth & Pape Facebook page.

So much THIS...

Dear Neil

From ALL the lives you left your mark upon, we thank you.

And what an indelible, beautiful mark it is. A mark that has engaged, enthralled and inspired. A mark that has brought together citizens of the world and created a global tribe and lifelong friendships. A mark that has fired imaginations, touched hearts, enriched souls, educated minds and ignited the touchpaper under the restless dreams of youth. A mark that has grown with us and turned analog kids into digital men and women. A mark that has encouraged us to explore new worlds, to appreciate the past and embrace the future. It's a mark that has inspired so many of us to learn, to play, to write and create. A mark that has motivated us to elevate from the norm.

We're all currently completely lost in the darkness but it is a mark that will eventually help us heal. And in time, teach us once again how to steer by the stars…

And that's the mark you have left. An utterly life-changing and life-affirming mark that we are all so honoured, privileged and proud to carry. Now and forever.

And for that, we are eternally grateful. You were and will remain a hero to us all and a beloved spirit with a vision…

Rock in Peace Bubba.

This moment may be brief

But it can be so bright...




Danforth & Pape

Clothing (Brand)

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I thought this was a nice article written by someone who sounds like a true fan. Yes, it is Rolling Stone magazine. I for one appreciate the irony.

How Neil Peart’s Perfectionism Set Him Free


The late drummer idolized Sixties wildmen like Keith Moon. But his path to the drumming pantheon came through obsessive order.



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Bill Bruford


Yesterday at 03:28 ·


Very sad to learn of the death of Neil Peart, drummer, author, lyricist, and a gentle man, too. Carolyn and I offer our heartfelt condolences to Neil's family, and of course to Geddy and Alex. The image is one we shall remember him by; with the man himself during the recording of 'Burning for Buddy' (1994). Carolyn and Bill Bruford.

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"@GingerWildheart· Jan 10



Ah f**k, I always liked Neil Peart. A tremendous drummer who’s lyrics and arrangements made Rush world famous. A real loss."



And then after that he posted:


"Why, when faced with an influential man’s death, would someone have to post about hating their music? I mean, what kind of joyless existence is that? Or it this what passes as ‘edgy’ these days?"

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Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has paid tribute to Neil Peart, who died on Tuesday (January 7) in Santa Monica, California after a three-year battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. The iconic RUSH drummer was 67 years old.


On Saturday (January), Ace took to his social media to write: "Neil will be greatly missed as a precise & innovative drummer! He was also a good friend, and when we toured together in the '70s, we spent many an evening laughing and exchanging jokes & road stories till the sun came up! My condolences and prayers go out to his family and Alex & Geddy!"

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Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are the latest celebs to pay tribute to the late Neil Peart.


Just last week, the beloved drummer and lyricist for the Canadian rock band Rush sadly passed away after a battle with brain cancer. Since the news broke, public figures from the music and acting world have been sharing their condolences and Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are now doing the same.


In a statement to Rolling Stone on Saturday, the actors shared some heartfelt words about Peart.


“When I first met Neil, I was intimidated as I certainly knew him to be a serious and private person,” said Rudd. “Within two minutes, we were cracking up and quoting lines from ‘Team America’. I’m missing him as I write this. Being the greatest drummer on the planet was only a part of Neil. He was a thunderbolt of a human being, and he’ll live forever.”


“I’m so sad to hear about Neil Peart’s passing,” Segel added. “Drumming to ‘The Spirit of Radio’ was one of my happiest moments. Getting to know Neil even the tiniest bit, and gush with Rudd about our love for Rush, will be something I remember forever. He was an amazing talent and a good man. We will miss you Neil.”


Both Rudd and Segel played Rush superfans in the comedy “I Love You, Man” in 2009. The film even featured appearances by Peart and his bandmates Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. However, this wasn’t Rudd’s first time portraying a Rush fan on the screen. Nick, Rudd’s character on “Freaks and Geeks” also loved the Canadian rock band and referred to Peart as the “greatest drummer alive.”

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