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Recommendations for new songs to learn on guitar


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Hello all. I guess I'd consider myself an intermediate level guitar player. Here are a few of the songs that I know all the way through and enjoy playing:


More Than A Feeling

Crazy Little Thing Called Love



Time Stand Still



What are some other Rush and non-Rush songs that I could learn that are around this difficulty level or are a little bit tougher?

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Spirit of Radio is probably a good 'next level' Rush song based on what you can already play. La Villa would be a good challenge, it has a few sections are tough at first but shouldn't take long to master.
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I'll raise Treeduck with this:- 



On a more sensible note, Red Barchetta's is a nice arpeggio pattern in the main verse with a few different techniques going on elsewhere without being too onerous - harmonics, barre chords, solo (if you want). 

Others I've played a bit that are fun and within an intermediate level - Passage to Bangkok, Driven, Something for Nothing. 


A few other random ones:- 

Van Halen's Ain't talkin bout love (an easy-ish and impressive VH one i.e. no tapping and limited harmonics)

Manic Street Preachers - A design for life

Ben Harper - Please Bleed (or many of his acoustic based songs)

Iron Maiden - Prodigal Son (atypical for Maiden)

King's X - Summerland


And bonus points if you can get up to speed on Motorhead's Iron fist!! The notes aren't had to get but to get up to the right speed is proving tricky for me. 

Or any other Maiden song with the typical (Steve Harris?) chug - see The Trooper, Powerslave etc. I just can't get the speed going...


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