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What Rush Song Are You Currently Listening To? v.3


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All right... I am home alone, my dog is at my parents, time to rock really loud! First vinyl record is Rush - Live In St. Catharines, April 1974. This is a bootleg record of a concert with the original drummer John Rutsey, they playing at a school with a really lame audience... this was released officially on DVD a few years ago, but never only audio.



R-13770532-1560749435-5140.jpeg.jpg R-13770532-1560749440-3701.jpeg.jpg

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The masterful and bottom end endowed Lock And Key from the laserdisk.


If HYF had a bottom end like this it would actually be a good record. Similar for RTB and Presto.

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Retrospective l, compilation CD.

It was on the radio yesterday and tonight I just had to hear it loud!

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