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New Drummer for Rush


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Why aren't GedLee playing shows with a, or several, alternating, drummers?


Believe it or not Neil isn't impossible to copy.


A 'precision' studio drummer such as Simon Phillips could seem to handle it.


Could Taylor Hawkins? ... I don't know as much about him but he seems highly skilled.


And Alan White or Bill Bruford minus forty years.


And unfortunately Jeff Pocaro passed in 1992.


And maybe even a YouTube drummer a la the guy who now fronts Journey.


You are killing me in a great way.


I've been typing about Simon Phillips doing a project with Geddy and Alex for years!!


Neil will alway be my number one.

But now that he is retired, the greatest drummer on the planet is Simon Phillips.

I met Simon after a Protocol gig. We talked about his recording with Judas Priest.

I wish I asked him if he would ever do a record with Lee Lifeson.


Hell, I'm sure he would in a heartbeat.


"Closer To the Heart" baby.




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After seeing TOOL two nights in a row. The answer is clear......




Brian Downey smokes him Earl!

By sure, even without igniting... :LOL:

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I don’t wanna see them with another drummer it’s just not right.I am sad Rush is gone but it’s true and now def with Neil gone
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