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Songs that are better live


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Live Rush is crazy, and studio Rush can be just as good. There are certain songs though that just sound 1000x better live than they did in the studio. For me, they are



Faithless (and most of S&A)


Finding My Way

Entre Nous


What are yours?

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Everything on ATWAS except 2112 and Something for Nothing. Natural Science with the extended bridge. Closer to the Heart with the jammin' play out.
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The 'synth years' songs all sound better live than the studio versions, my favourite being The Analog Kid with the extra chorus at the end. Songs that don't sound better live are rare but Time Stand Still and Digital Man aren't so good.
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The live RTB tour Where's My Thing with that spacey extended introduction totally kills the sterile album version by comparison


The RIR Secret Touch was awesome too


Those are two personal favorites off the top of my head

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Kid Gloves


:boo hiss:


ok... I found one that isn`t better live. Listen to a version on uToob, and well, underwhelming to say the least...I recall feeling the same way when I saw it played in '84 (Portland, ME).


I also add Between the Wheels (S&A)...only because Alex completely flubs the solo....


Btw...we're comparing studio/live official releases, correct?

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