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Geddy Lee Interviewed in the December Issue of Classic Rock Magazine


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And finally, when were you happiest in Rush?


-- I've never thought it like that before.....




You know you've scored when you get your interviewee to say that. :haz: :haz:

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"...ever since we came back after Neil's terrible tragedy with his family, and having had those five dark years we were away, every tour I did with Rush I savoured. I would say that period from coming back after Neil's tragedy to the very end were really the golden years for me. I felt like I appreciated every gig, every note that we played. The camaraderie that the three of us had, I never took it for granted, not one day. So I would say that was my happiest time in Rush."



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[Life-size photo of Geddy Lee's head]


For a brief moment, I thought that Geddy himself had entered the conversation.....

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The upcoming December 2018 issue of the UK's Classic Rock magazine contained a nice interview with Geddy.


For more information, including links to the complete article transcription, please follow the link below.






Thanks that was a good read. Sounds like all is well for geddy

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my wife calls him beautiful. i don't see it!


It’s everything about him that makes him beautiful. It’s not all about outer looks.

Hey there, EM! Good to see you around.
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