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4 guitarists matchup: Moore vs Trower vs Green vs Lee?

Texas King

4 guitarists matchup  

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  1. 1. Your fave guitarist out of these 4?

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Trower. I'm a sucker for anyone with a heavy Hendrix influence. Saw him live last year and he looked older than dirt and really frail but still rocked.


But all good choices.

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I do love Alvin but... just bought tix for Robin Trower today for his March 24, 2018 show... 5 miles from my house, Montclair, NJ.


I saw Robin two years back in NYC and loved it so I'm back for more.



There's my vote.


Looks are deceiving... we're all getting old.




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Robin Trower. Not even a contest.


Saw the almighty trio (Robin, James, & Reg) live four times back when I lived in The D, and they killed it every time. Best one was at Cobo Hall, where they were between opener The Stampeders and Jethro Tull headlining. They played all the hot songs, including a 15 minute jam of "Too Rolling Stoned". Yeah, about 90% of that crowd was rolling stoned, YT included! :smoke:

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