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Tom Sawyer Featured in Ready Player One Trailer


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Sweet :)




Loved the book, but was honestly worried that Rush wouldn't be included in the movie... along with many other pop-culture references.


I guess there's no need to worry any more :)



Maybe they're just throwing us a bone. To sucker us into coming to see the movie only to be kicked in the balls.


Rush is the soundtrack to that book.


Wouldn't we have heard if A G & N were in L.A. doing a movie cameo?


Since they show up in the book in their 2112 form, robes and all, maybe they're CGI. Like Lea in Rouge One. I could live with that. In fact, I'd love that.

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No need to worried! Jag2112...?


My inner pedant is extremely concerned that they have chosen to feature "Tom Sawyer" in the trailer, rather staying faithful to the book and using "The Temples of Syrinx"!!! ;)

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At first i thought zzz Tom Sawyer again but kinda like those little tweaks to it in the trailer (if thats what they are and not just background stuff)
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I'm convinced they're going to F-up this movie. It's already obvious that they've replace most, if not all, of the 80's references in the book to things that Warner Bros. doesn't have to pay for (and I'm thinking that anything from the 70's will be left out altogether). The sounds of Tom Sawyer perked me up a little bit, but I have a feeling it's just bait. I'm hoping that the fact that Ernest Cline was involved in the writing for the movie helps keep it a least a little honest.
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