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Presto or RTB?


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It's close. I actually quite enjoy both albums. I'd give the edge to Roll the Bones for a more consistent showing.


By track:


Presto (GPA 2.25)

Show Don't Tell: B-

Chain Lightning: B

The Pass: A

War Paint: F

Scars: D

Presto: C-

Superconductor: B-

Anagram: B

Red Tide: C+

Hand Over Fist: C

Available Light: C+


Roll the Bones (GPA 2.51)

Dreamline: B+

Bravado: A-

Roll the Bones: B+

Face Up: D

Where's My Thing: C+

The Big Wheel: B-

Heresy: B+

Ghost of a Chance: B-

Neurotica: C-

You Bet Your Life: D+


I don't know? I couldn't bring these grades home to Mom! So they are both "C" to "C-" albums. Not good!

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Presto. It has more good songs and nothing quite as bad as Heresy.

I don't know I think Superconductor and Scars are worse than that.


Scars in particular is bad but not as awful as Heresy for me.

Scars makes me think that they were smoking something really bad that week in the studio. :smoke:


Not Neil Pat. Are you serious? Neil's drumming is fuckking incredible on that song. "Presto" album destroys "Roll The Bones." "Face Up" Ass down Pat!


I always thought the drums on Scars sounded programmed, but never looked into it. Neil at his most atomically metronomic!


yeah that just shows how good Neil is ! :Neil:

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Presto just about shades it for me, if only for Scars and Red Tide even. RTB a great album but maybe not as dynamic; if i need a kind of adrenalin rush i always opt for Presto
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Both of these albums are very similar in terms of how much I like them (In fact they're right next to each other on my album list). Both have a couple absolute bangers, both have a good amount of average songs and both have at least 1 song I dont really care for.

It comes down (mainly) to production value for me. RTB just barely beats out Presto. Mr Hine obviously learned from Presto and improved himself

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