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So, Where the Hell Has ReGorLaTroy Been Anyway?

The Cat 3

So, where the hell has ReGorLaTroy been anyway?  

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  1. 1. So, where the hell has ReGorLaTroy been anyway?

    • Back in "The Quiet Room", where I belong.
    • Traveling the United States stopping at every Motel 8 in hopes of a chance encounter with Neil Peart at the breakfast buffet.
    • Sitting in tree just outside of Treeduck's window, waiting and watching for him to make a move.
    • Abducted by aliens...thank goodness, no probes of any sort!
    • Trapped under a heavy piece of furniture.
    • Pretty obvious, got my old room back at Betty Ford...hadn't changed a bit.
    • I wasted six months posting on the Big Time Rush Forum by mistake, D'oh!
    • In my laboratory building the perfect TRF gal...one part Bean-Tor, one part Librarian, one part Babycat, Verena, EagleMoon & Lorraine. It was great fun, until the (gulp) incident...
    • Was rescuing cats at a feline colony and decided it was better to simply live among them.
    • Mistakenly thought when Rush retired, the rest of had to as well.
    • Spent the time trying to get a photo of KISS without their makeup...I've always been just a bit behind the times.
    • Was hospitalized after an accident involving trying to tie a scarf around my neck, just like Segue...that cat really makes it look easy!
    • 73 gave me a time out in the corner, stating, "You think about what you've done young man!" (He could not be bribed with gifts or cash prizes).

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The mystery can now be solved...

You're finally back! :cheers:

Hello! :hi:

:hi: :popcorn:


Greetings everyone! :)



Yikes...that is one ugly mofo!

Naa you look cool mate! :cheers:

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Welcome back. It's been much less fun around here without you.


Thanks so much!


You'll appreciate this...


...that picture was taken a few years ago in Mars.


Cool! My sister lives there now.

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Oh f**k. Now i have to stop posting again.


Tanks for nuttin.


*Throws down hat and storms out*













Ps. Glad to have you back :)


You can't stop posting mate, it'll only fuel the suspicions that we are actually the same person.


Not to mention the fact that you are so close to 10,000 posts.

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Welcome back my friend, you have been missed !!


Thank you kind sir...


...wait a minute.


Didn't I see you on the space ship after my abduction?!!!!


... are you having those weird dreams every night too ??




Are you certain they are dreams?

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