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Iowa Mascot too angry!!

Lost In Xanadu

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A professor at the University of Iowa is concerned that the school’s hawk mascot, Herky, looks angry — and its appearance could be contributing to a culture of violence, depression, and even “suicide.”


“I believe incoming students should be met with welcoming, nurturing, calm, accepting and happy messages,” clinical professor of pediatrics Resmiye Oral, wrote in an e-mail to the school’s athletic department, according to an article in Iowa City Press Citizen.



I wish I had teachers like this, maybe I would be a better person!

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Key words "She Thinks" No disrespect to women I mean where would we be with out them. And after 27 years of marriage to the same woman I have learned to appreciate a different view point on issues. However some women have a tendancy to way over think things on an emotional level... This is one for sure!
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I mean, that school sucks anyway so who cares! :D


Says the Scrubs fan.


Go Herky go! Professor, go find your safe place and cower there while the Hawks whup some ass!

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